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Penis….the other, other white meat

March 4, 2010

Mono Lake Madness

March 3, 2010
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Yes, this is on our planet…

Did yoo know that Southern California sucks all of the water out of the Owens valley?  I’m going skiing this weekend so I was checking out Mammoth Mountain on Google Earth when I noticed a strange shaped lake nearby, named Mono Lake.  I zoomed in and starting opening pictures of this place and it was an astounding sight.  The photography of this place is amazing and plentiful.  Apparently at sunrise and sunset you can’t take a bad picture unless your a complete idiot.

So this lake was once a regular Sierra mountan lake, with fish and crawdads and leeches and eels and mussels and all the other usual lake critters.  Until 1941 when Los Angeles diverted all four creeks that feed the lake thus depriving it of any fresh water.  The water volume of the lake halved and the salinity doubled. All the lake creatures went to court for crimes against humanities progress and were sentenced to death by salt.  That must have been a blast.  Thirsty much?  Then the whole area turned into a planet ruled by giant salt eating creatures from Fresno.  At least the brine shrimp are really horny…
.Mono brine shrimp pornography, mono, lake, owens, valley, brine shrimp, california, mammoth lakes
I drink your milkshake!…I drink it up!  Flashback to when my son was in the third grade, and I’m helping him with a project to draw the L.A. Aqueduct that Mulholland built to drain the Owens Valley and make he and his friends rich(er). They bought up all the useless desert land in L.A. years before the water arrived, and when it arrived BOOM – they are all gazillionaires.  Screw the thriving agriculture community of Owens Valley that lived in harmony with nature…..
Now Owens Lake looks like this:
I drink your milkshake..I drink it up!!!
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